Selfmademusic – A Couple of Minutes at the Bottom of the Sea (2016)

The new LP from Romanian based electronica musician Selfmademusic.
A much more intimate album then his most recent releases and a comeback to melodic production. A journey into the inner self.
Fauna, flora, the classical elements and outer space are treated as intertwined from an aurally point of view on this experimental album.
“I felt the need to make an album that it would feel exactly like escaping for a few moments somewhere far away.”

Album Art by Daniel Padure:

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Simultan Festival 10 Teaser

The Simultan Association is a non-governmental cultural organization founded with the aim of representing and supporting an organizational and communicational structure that is specific to the manifestations of contemporary art and culture.
The Simultan Association develops and promotes different cultural projects, individually or in collaboration with other institutions that contribute to the spreading of the media art and of the experimental and electronic music.

The Simultan Association aims to:

– organize an annual festival for video, media arts and experimental electronic music called Simultan Read more...

WAD – Weekendul Artistului Dependent


W  A  D

(weekendul artistului dependent)


W  A  D  este o platformă adaptabilă la diferite și multiple acțiuni în zona artelor vizuale, testând clișee și psihologii comportamentale în diverse spații urbane aglomerate, artistul apelând la diverse metode de înterpretare din domeniul sociologiei, antropologiei și psihologiei vestimentare.

W  A  D  propune o serie de acțiuni într-un timp limitat, o diversiune artistică, în diferite locații urbane, cu impact imediat asupra individului cât și a zonelor aflate într-o permanentă transformare. Zone cum ar fi piețele agroalimentare unde există un contact (tranzacții de bunuri, limbaj specific etc) între diferite categorii sociale; stațiile de tramvai în care eroziune crizei sociale și economice este vizibilă, analizabilă; alte zone fierbinți unde artistul poate testa indiferența și disponibilitatea cetățeanului obișnuit – și neobișnuit cu astfel Read more...

Micul Dejun al Supereroilor

Video documenting an art exhibition held in Timisoara, Romania

“In truth I say, on Sunday the 1st of June, all the superheroes and superheroines gathered at out little place Balamuc, after their supersecret mission of saving the world, to have breakfast and talk big. They were created in various mediums, such as graphics, painting, sculpture, digital, paper cut, asamblage and literature by over 30 Romanian artists: Aitch, Akira Lord, Carine Arnakis, Alex Baciu, Bogdanator, Matei Branea, Vlad Cadar, Mimi Ciora, Livia Coloji, Răzvan Cornici, Eugenia Drăgoi-Banciu, Sorin Drăgoi-Banciu, Fehér László Ződ, Patricia Gabor, Noemi Hügel, Loreta Isac, Kitră, Ana Read more...


Salajan Mihai is a Romanian multimedia artist fully resourced to provide production services such as:
video production, motion graphics, soundtracking and/or sound production. Relying on his expierience in
these domains, each one of his projects manages to create a strong link with his audience on both an
intellectual and affective level – offering them a unique journey by stimulating both the visual and the aurally.
If you’ve come here to look for an outstanding artist which can stick to more than one style, devising different and original concepts and which can offer complete services promptly done, then you’re searching in the right place.
If you can imagine it, he can create it.

Contact via gmail: