Selfmademusic – A Couple of Minutes at the Bottom of the Sea (2016)

The new LP from Romanian based electronica musician Selfmademusic.
A much more intimate album then his most recent releases and a comeback to melodic production. A journey into the inner self.
Fauna, flora, the classical elements and outer space are treated as intertwined from an aurally point of view on this experimental album.
“I felt the need to make an album that it would feel exactly like escaping for a few moments somewhere far away.”

Album Art by Daniel Padure:

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Kids ROK:

Selfmademusic – Birdy from Salajan Mihai on Vimeo.

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Al music composed and performed by Mihai Salajan aka Selfmademusic with the exception of track 08. Kids ROK composed and performed by Selfmademusic and The Pixels and track 13. Carrying Waves composed and performed by Selfmademusic with Dean Brady
Song titles by Adelina Laura
released March 17, 2016