Micul Dejun al Supereroilor

Video documenting an art exhibition held in Timisoara, Romania

“In truth I say, on Sunday the 1st of June, all the superheroes and superheroines gathered at out little place Balamuc, after their supersecret mission of saving the world, to have breakfast and talk big. They were created in various mediums, such as graphics, painting, sculpture, digital, paper cut, asamblage and literature by over 30 Romanian artists: Aitch, Akira Lord, Carine Arnakis, Alex Baciu, Bogdanator, Matei Branea, Vlad Cadar, Mimi Ciora, Livia Coloji, Răzvan Cornici, Eugenia Drăgoi-Banciu, Sorin Drăgoi-Banciu, Fehér László Ződ, Patricia Gabor, Noemi Hügel, Loreta Isac, Kitră, Ana Kun, Veronica Neacşu, Neuro, Timotei Nicolae, Carmen Nicolau, p.n.e.a., Mihaela Paraschivu, Cristina Pecherle, Dan Perjovschi, Mircea Popescu, Pren, Sergiu Sas, Veronica Solomon, Ileana Surducan, Maria Surducan şi Sorina Vazelina.
The show, compiled of works representative of the lowbrow movement, does not address children, but rather an adult audience interested in pop culture. Called Micul Dejun al Supereroilor (Breakfast of Superheroes), as a pun on Vonnegut’s most famous novel, the show is open until the 29th of June 2014. Because is Superhero June, we’ll be out and about on local art festivals, making a diorama called Landscape with Superheros, a Superhero Workshop, or just plain doodling in our Mobile Atelier.
find us on balamuc.org”