Feroviara Transdimensionala Teaser (2014)

Thursdayat 6:00pm
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Casa Artelor – Directia Judeteana pentru Cultura Timis
Episcop Augustin Pacha nr. 8, 300055 Timișoara, Romania

Trenuletul Infinitului este un proiect Biserika. Un proiect cu caracter colaborativ si work-in-progress. Prima expozitie a fost prezentata la Muzeul de Arta Arad in cadrul Kinema Ikon: serial (sezonul unu/ episodul 3) sub numele de Craciunikon în data de 20 decembrie 2013. Urmatorul eveniment expozitional va avea loc la galeria Pygmalion pe data de 27 martie 2014 sub numele de Feroviara Transdimensionala.
Proiectul consta

Numb And Number (2013)

“This might be the start of an answer to an enigma raised by Andrew Ross in an interview made around 1996. In it, he observed on the discovery of supposedly fossil Mars bacteria on meteorite ALH8400, and what Ross saw as a very peculiar identification (of the “we’re not alone” type) with some very ancient and dissimilar, truly microscopic life forms. How is it that humans that have made everything possible to demarcate themselves from all other mammals, and especially their closest hairy cousins, the apes, have managed to find such a close adherence to the invisible world of bacteria that are existing for us on a truly absconded and alien plane?

Dance Of The Four Separate Legs (2013)

“Pigs are model humanimals. In Romania, sheep hold a much higher place on the totemic ladder of cultural-biologic objects. Biomedical sociologist and anthropologist Sarah Franklin already traced in her book Dolly Mixtures, why sheep in the UK (and British Empire and elsewhere) constitute a sort marker for a close encounter btw culture and biology, biotech with careful breeding processes and really transformed sheep into these biological capital generators. One can follow the humanimal kinship since the beginning of the Neolithic. Capital itself, as Marx puts itself comes from the herds, the number of heads of animals that constituted the richness of the ancient Read more...

Selfmademusic – Body (FULL ALBUM – 2013)

Salajan Mihai is a Romanian multimedia artist who ventures into the world of comic books, video art and electronic music production.
His latest electronic music production “Body” is a foray into the anthropomorphic nature of man that comes in the form of various media platforms, from a digital album to a series of videos and pictures as a work in progress


Selfmademusic – The Pop Mythos (2012)

“There’s this alternative universe that seams to be all around us and as time goes by it continues to expand. In this unvierse Ghidorah comes from Asimov’s robot series and Lexx’s Brunnis-2 gets destroyed by Dagon while Star Trek’s Voyager sets up to go where Blade Runner has never gone before. These are all a part of the Pop Mythos, a series of EPs from experimental musician Selfmademusic that try to capture the dreamy or nightmarish feel of this universe filled with hopes and dangers.” Read more...